The number of assaults on staff has increased by more than 500 percent in just five years, from 52 in 2007 to 280 in 2012. Serious injuries sustained by staff members doubled between 2007 ad 2010. Source: NYS Commission of Correction, records through Dec. 14, 2012. Leave it to New York to prove itself seemingly [...]

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A sophomore at Roosevelt High School is recovering Monday after being seriously beaten. The assault happened near the school’s baseball fields when a black man in his 20s punched the boy in his face knocking the student to the ground where his head hit the sidewalk with such force, it caused a seizure. Witnesses who saw [...]

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In an incident involving a boy that has been under care for emotional and academic issues, a Connecticut Department of Children and Family Services (DCF) caseworker, was unable to persuade the boy to leave a couch in his residence where he was clad only in boxer shorts to accompany her after being presented with an [...]

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Kentucky Superintendents, Kentucky School Board Association (KSBA) and Kentucky School Districts are highly critical of Kentucky’s proposed restraint and seclusion regulation that still has to pass the legislative review committee. In the words of the KSBA (whose 170-district membership opposed Kentucky’s DOE’s proposed rule): “The primary goal of all local public schools and districts across [...]

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AASA just issued a second report entitled How Seclusion and Restraint Protects Students and School Personnel.  AASA’s report was written to denounce proposed Senate bill S.2020 which would bar the use of seclusion and disallow the use of restraint as part of a student’s treatment plan. AASA’s report supports keeping rules regarding the treatment and [...]

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A Brooklyn school’s botched handling of a 5-year-old autistic student’s tantrum ended disastrously — with his mom and grandma in handcuffs and his great-grandmother’s rib broken, the family and their lawyers charge. New York City Schools have a strict hands off policy for teachers.  So rather than schools handling the behavior, law enforcement is called [...]

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As an American Airlines plane taxied for takeoff at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport on Friday morning, a flight attendant ranted on the plane’s intercom, repeatedly telling passengers that she was not responsible for the safety of the plane and wrestling with another flight attendant for control of the plane’s public address system, according to a [...]

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The school day was well under way when the fight between two boys broke out on the fourth floor of Overbrook High School: A 17-year-old walking to class was punched multiple times by a younger boy. At first, the unarmed school police officers who intervened didn’t think the incident was serious enough to summon city [...]

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The Supreme Court has granted a retrial to a woman who sued a Ballarat Primary School for injuries she incurred when restraining an aggressive student. Margaret Rees was an integration aide at the school at Delecombe when she intervened to stop one child from attacking another in 2003. She alleged she suffered anxiety, a major [...]

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Each year brings new challenges in providing safe learning environments for students and teachers in Idaho schools. The Filer School Board faced one of these situations Wednesday by approving a seclusion and restraint policy for students exhibiting behavior that may cause physical harm to students, staff or property. Federal law requires that public school-aged children, [...]

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