Less than a week after Griffo called for better safety measures at a state-run detention facility for young females in response to union claims of injuries to 18 of 33 of its aides, another staff member was assaulted. Troopers said there was a “disturbance” on the afternoon of Jan. 17 among the residents and staff [...]

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Broken bones, a dislocated shoulder and even a concussion are some of the injuries workers at the Taberg Residential Center have brought home with them according to the Civil Service Employees Association. Eighteen of the center’s 33 Youth Division Aides are out of work due to injuries suffered at the hands of youthful offenders housed [...]

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According to staff members there was a full blown riot at Finger Lakes (formerly Gossett) Friday (June 17, 2011) night. According to accounts that are still unfolding, multiple staff were hurt, some quite badly. Troopers had to be called in. While the media is reporting “no injuries” staff are reporting broken bones, a torn pectoral, torn sholders, etc. [...]

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The state Legislature has voted to require group homes and other private facilities licensed by the state to take juvenile delinquents to assess workplace safety, record violent incidents and take preventive steps. The legislation follows the 2009 beating death of Renee Greco by two juveniles in Lockport, north of Buffalo. Greco, 24, had been supervising [...]

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The state Senate gave final passage this week to legislation that would require private juvenile-justice facilities to implement violence-prevention programs, something public employers in New York already have to do. Comment: The OCFS State run juvenile facilities saw workman compensation, violence, assault and injury rates skyrocket since the passage of the 2007 Act .  The bill, which [...]

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TTAPR on June 12th, 2011

A riot involving 30 students broke out at Lincoln Hall Friday, injuring two employees and leading to five arrests in the most recent of several violent confrontations at the residential center for troubled boys. Rocks were thrown, shattering windows, and several employees were injured as they tried to quell fights that broke out between the [...]

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State police say a 17-year-old girl at the Tryon Girls Center who was charged with assault became enraged when she was told she would have to wait to make a telephone call because the telephone was in use. Cheryl Lynn was charged at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday with a felony count of second-degree assault and a [...]

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New York State Senator Mike Nozzolio is co-sponsoring legislation that was introduced in the State Senate today to provide greater protection and disclosure to employees of facilities where dangerous juvenile delinquents and youthful offenders are placed. The legislation is known as “Renee’s Law”, for 24-year-old Renee Greco, who was brutally murdered (more specifically bludgeoned to [...]

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Tryon employees have spoken out the most and the loudest demanding Gladys Carrion removed from her commissioner position. By closing Tryon she will not silence this cause or these people. Her policies and procedures have destroyed OCFS facilities creating terrible working condition yet they continued to go into a dangerous work environment every day to [...]

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Cheryl Huxhold has been a nurse for more than a decade and has cared for youth at the Tryon juvenile facility in Johnstown, Fulton County for the past four years. Less than a month ago, Cheryl survived a violent attack by a 15 year-old girl inside the facility. Cheryl courageously took part in a press [...]

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