Education, Not Incarceration.  Bronx Parents and Community Members Protest Excessive Number of Student Arrests and Suspensions On Thursday, May 10th, 2012, the New Settlement Parent Action Committee assembled Bronx parents, students, educators, faith leaders, community organizations, and advocates in a large community march entitled “Education, Not Incarceration!” protesting current New York City Department of Education [...]

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A Brooklyn school’s botched handling of a 5-year-old autistic student’s tantrum ended disastrously — with his mom and grandma in handcuffs and his great-grandmother’s rib broken, the family and their lawyers charge. New York City Schools have a strict hands off policy for teachers.  So rather than schools handling the behavior, law enforcement is called [...]

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TTAPR on November 17th, 2011

The School Board has agreed to continue equipping civilian school security personnel with pepper spray at least until January, when it will discuss the issue again. School security guards used spray three times between Oct. 19 and 26, intervening in a Lafayette-Winona Middle School cafeteria fight, a Blair Middle student altercation, and a Granby High [...]

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In November, 2008 the Department of Education for the State of Iowa enacted a regulation banning prone restraint at its schools despite being noticed that the regulation was illegal as it violated the 5th and 14th amendment of the Constitution, Supreme Court Rulings, Federal legislation as well as state self-defense laws. Further, Iowa DOE was [...]

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Rioting joined reading and writing in the curriculum at Dickinson High School in Jersey City yesterday as seven students were charged, including at least one from Ferris High School, and one student was injured. One student, a 17-year-old Randolph Avenue boy, pushed two teachers during one of three fights that broke out, and he was [...]

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Another name for this article could be: When Schools and Administrators Have Law Enforcement Take Over Classroom Management – First Graders Get Handcuffed for Talking in Class Chicago – A South Side family is suing Chicago Public Schools claiming their son was one of several 6 and 7-year-olds who were handcuffed for hours because they [...]

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Local and state officials say they are working to address residents’ concerns about safety and a frequent police presence in what had been a quiet neighborhood. The focus of the concerns is a home for abused and neglected teenage boys run by a contractor for the state Department of Children and Families. Town board of [...]

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A report released today by the Council of State Governments Justice Center and the Public Research Institute of Texas A&M University, found that police not teachers were routinely put in charge of disciplining students. Calling the findings disturbing, Texas Supreme Court Chief Justice Wallace Jefferson and state Senate Criminal Justice Committee Chairman John Whitmire said they [...]

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