We are following a developing story at the Montgomery County Adolescent Center, known as the CAS center on Access Road. Sergeant Rick Mobeus of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office confirms two officers were hurt inside the facility after a group of juveniles tried to escape. It happened just before 7:30 Saturday night, when 8 juveniles [...]

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Violence is on the rise in New York’s juvenile detention centers. The statistics and costs to staff and resident’s health and safety and to taxpayers are astounding. Records show that violent incidents have increased more than fivefold over the past five years. In 2007, 52 assaults were documented in the state’s four secure centers; the number [...]

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TTAPR on June 29th, 2012

14 shootings in June in Queens South precincts as violent youth groups grow. Maybe Mayor Bloomberg should focus on keeping kids hands off of guns rather than soft-drinks.  The safety Guilliani gave the city, Bloomberg taketh away. Queens is plagued by dangerous street crews and it’s going to take an “army” to clamp down on [...]

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So it turns out that the juvenile delinquent whose “stop-and-frisk” pistol-possession conviction was mindlessly overturned by an appeals court this week doesn’t just like to carry guns — he likes to shoot them, at people, too. And he was free to do just that because New York’s criminal-justice system fails to deal forcefully with aspiring homicidal [...]

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Leaders of the New York State Public Employees Federation (PEF) will speak at public hearings on a new juvenile justice initiative being billed as “reform,” but which, in reality, will put youths and the community at risk. The new Close to Home initiative focuses on reducing the placement of troubled youths in facilities operated by [...]

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The Following is a verbatum copy of the letter from former OCFS employee Ed Ausborn. This letter is a response to a letter from B. Baccaglini to the times union about a new program called BLUE SKIES ( Placing NYC youth in their home for treatment instead of Upstate Facilities ). Juveniles Deserve Better I [...]

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The head of New York’s largest public employee union said workers in state juvenile detention facilities are literally taking a beating at the hands of youths assigned to their care. CSEA President Danny Donohue warned about increasingly dangerous conditions in the facilities, including one where 19 staff, including the facility director, have recently been victims [...]

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The family of a Catholic University student who was gunned down in Petworth is suing the District for $20 million in a wrongful-death suit. The lawsuit, filed Thursday in federal court in D.C., alleges that the accused shooter was a juvenile criminal offender who was in the custody of the city’s Department of Youth Rehabilitation [...]

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Former OCFS employees are all firmly united in their claims that the root cause of the surge in violence can be traced back to the moment Gladys Carrion assumed the reigns of the OCFS. Many cited a marked increase in gang violence at state facilities as testament to the failure of the administration’s policies. Carrion [...]

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TTAPR on August 26th, 2010

Maryland Juvenile Arrested for Violent Outbreak In School released from Maryland Juvenile Justice and several days later shoots two men in an attempted robbery. BALTIMORE — A 14-year-old girl shot two men during a robbery attempt after she was laughed at because of her age, according to charging documents. One of the men died a [...]

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