Cheryl Huxhold has been a nurse for more than a decade and has cared for youth at the Tryon juvenile facility in Johnstown, Fulton County for the past four years. Less than a month ago, Cheryl survived a violent attack by a 15 year-old girl inside the facility. Cheryl courageously took part in a press [...]

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A Tryon Residential Center nurse who was attacked, stabbed and beaten a week ago by a naked, unruly 15-year-old female inmate today told her story of how she was placed in a setting where regular youth division aides would have been on duty. Cheryl Huxhold, a 56-year-old Tryon nurse from Fultonville, said the girl was [...]

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 A Tryon Residential Center union official says there’s been a bad stretch of juvenile resident attacks on staff lately, mainly because of the inability of staff to properly restrain or handle the offenders. Several juvenile inmates have been arrested since the start of the year. The latest was a 15-year-old girl who state police said [...]

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A 15-year-old court-committed juvenile female  attacked a nurse with a pen. The 56-year old nurse was stabbed in both legs and in the forehead, then kicked in the stomach and face several times. Suffering stab wounds and two chipped teeth. Links to story provided courtesy of Jason Miller:  Girl, 15, accused of assault at Tryon–15–accused-of-assault-at-Tryon.html [...]

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NYS enacts a juvenile justice community facility workplace violence prevention act for private juvenile facilities (which is a good thing).  Meanwhile, the State owned OCFS juvenile facilities are completely out of control. More Reports that NYS Juvenile Facilities are Unsafe Lockport Council President Express No Confidence In Workplace Safety at OCFS Facilities OCFS Video Shows [...]

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According to insider reports, in the past 2 months at OCFS’ Goshen Secure center there have been the following violent incidents: Incident A doctor was threatened by an inmate/resident.  The doctor’s family was threatened by this same inmate/resident The doctor filed reports about the threats, but OCFS took no action and imposed NO consequences on [...]

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In 2009 DOJ CRIPA division commenced an investigation into the conditions at 4 juvenile facilities. In August, 2009 DOJ released its findings regarding its investigation. In response to DOJ’s report the staff at OCFS as well as many NYS legislators voiced concerns that DOJ’s report and findings did not accurately reflect the true conditions at [...]


We recently received news that OCFS facilities that were once accredited by the ACA are no longer accredited. ACA accreditation is a pre-requisite for receiving Federal funding. At a price tag of over $200k per youth per year one would think NYS OCFS would take great pains to maintain its facility’s accreditation and access to [...]

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TTAPR on April 12th, 2011

Four teenagers are in custody for allegedly plotting to hurt staff members at Gateway-Longview School in Williamsville. Gateway-President and CEO James Sampson says a staff member made an alarming discovery while conducting a random check of a residents laundry. According to Sampson the note outlined a plot to hurt staff members. Because the discovery was [...]

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TTAPR on April 7th, 2011

In 2006 OCFS changed its use of force policy. This video demonstrates the results  of this policy. As can be seen by the video, not only is staff in danger, the youths themselves are in danger as well. This is what happens when youth do not respect staff and staff are not given tools to [...]

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