The principal and some students at Washington High School in Kansas City, Kan., fire back against complaints that their school is unsafe. A fight between a male and female student at school last week was caught on tape and shown on television newscasts. Since then a community activist, Tanika Pledger, has voiced concerns about other [...]

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TTAPR on November 30th, 2012

Parents in Ellettsville say more needs to be done to keep their children safe after a fight at Edgewood Junior High School ended with a student in a coma. Concerned parents packed a community meeting Wednesday night where they demanded to know from school officials how the Nov. 2 fight was able to continue long [...]

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GUARDS at a Melbourne youth detention centre fear they may not return home from work at the end of their shift because of five brutal weeks that have left three of them in hospital. In the latest incident, on Sunday night, a guard had his skull fractured after allegedly being king-hit and stomped by two [...]

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In the wake of a brutal gang assault by residents on a worker at the Brookwood Secure Center in Columbia County, CSEA is amping up its call for better safety measures to protect staff at youth detention centers run by the state Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS). “This is further evidence that the [...]

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Broken bones, a dislocated shoulder and even a concussion are some of the injuries workers at the Taberg Residential Center have brought home with them according to the Civil Service Employees Association. Eighteen of the center’s 33 Youth Division Aides are out of work due to injuries suffered at the hands of youthful offenders housed [...]

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The head of New York’s largest public employee union said workers in state juvenile detention facilities are literally taking a beating at the hands of youths assigned to their care. CSEA President Danny Donohue warned about increasingly dangerous conditions in the facilities, including one where 19 staff, including the facility director, have recently been victims [...]

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Former OCFS employees are all firmly united in their claims that the root cause of the surge in violence can be traced back to the moment Gladys Carrion assumed the reigns of the OCFS. Many cited a marked increase in gang violence at state facilities as testament to the failure of the administration’s policies. Carrion [...]

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 A Tryon Residential Center union official says there’s been a bad stretch of juvenile resident attacks on staff lately, mainly because of the inability of staff to properly restrain or handle the offenders. Several juvenile inmates have been arrested since the start of the year. The latest was a 15-year-old girl who state police said [...]

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A 15-year-old court-committed juvenile female  attacked a nurse with a pen. The 56-year old nurse was stabbed in both legs and in the forehead, then kicked in the stomach and face several times. Suffering stab wounds and two chipped teeth. Links to story provided courtesy of Jason Miller:  Girl, 15, accused of assault at Tryon–15–accused-of-assault-at-Tryon.html [...]

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TTAPR on April 12th, 2011

Four teenagers are in custody for allegedly plotting to hurt staff members at Gateway-Longview School in Williamsville. Gateway-President and CEO James Sampson says a staff member made an alarming discovery while conducting a random check of a residents laundry. According to Sampson the note outlined a plot to hurt staff members. Because the discovery was [...]

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