TTAPR on February 13th, 2015

By Handle With Care President and Founder Bruce Chapman If you’ve ever been bullied, raise your hand. As one of the original “hippies” in high school, I was jumped by four kids and had my two front teeth knocked out for being different. On another occasion I was jumped from behind while using a urinal. [...]

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A bullying incident at a local high school caught on video has captured national attention. On Wednesday, Jan. 8, Etiwanda High School freshman Kobe Nelson and a classmate had a violent confrontation between classes. School officials intervened and suspended both students. Upon his return home, Kobe, 14, protested his innocence: “‘Look Dad, I didn’t do [...]

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In an interesting article out of Florida is bringing to the forefront a situation that is striving to balance one student’s right to live in peace against the first amendment right of others to post a video of something that happened in a public place. Vanessa Chauvin a 14 year old student out of Clearwater, [...]

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TTAPR on November 30th, 2012

Parents in Ellettsville say more needs to be done to keep their children safe after a fight at Edgewood Junior High School ended with a student in a coma. Concerned parents packed a community meeting Wednesday night where they demanded to know from school officials how the Nov. 2 fight was able to continue long [...]

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When it comes to bullying, Lara Fominoff has always preached the same message to her young son: Never bully or be mean to the other kids. And never start a fight. But if someone starts a fight with you, you have the right to defend yourself. It was this right that Fominoff says her six-year-old [...]

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An honor student says she was attacked in her Bronx high school after sending Chancellor Joel Klein 25 e-mails over three months begging to be transferred away from bullies who were threatening her. Kimselle Castanos, 14, handed Klein a letter on Dec. 15 at a Brooklyn meeting pleading for a transfer after months of being [...]

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Elmira, NY—In Part One of “Girl On Girl Bullying” we showed you videos of girls fighting one another, uploaded to Facebook and Youtube by students in the Elmira City School District. The student’s faces are covered to protect their identities. A Broadway Middle School student we spoke with says she is in 3 out of [...]

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TTAPR on April 19th, 2012

It’s not the first time we’ve seen this. A nine year old boy won’t be at school in the morning. He was suspended for fighting back against a bully. The school said there’s a no fighting policy so they’re both being punished. There’s a visible mark on third grader Nathan Pemberton’s cheek and eye after [...]

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A child who fights back in self-defense during a fight at school will likely be punished, according to St. Mary’s school (located in Maryland) rules. Parent Tanya Burt found that out Monday after she was called to Piney Point Elementary School to talk about her son, who she said was beat up on the bus [...]

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Beatrice Blocker of South Jackson says her 13-year-old daughter Myesha, got in a fight on the school bus Thursday. Two of the three girls involved in the scuffle, including Myesha, got bruised up. “She was at the school, some children had surrounded her, one asked her did she want to fight? She had walked off, [...]

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