When it comes to bullying, Lara Fominoff has always preached the same message to her young son: Never bully or be mean to the other kids. And never start a fight. But if someone starts a fight with you, you have the right to defend yourself. It was this right that Fominoff says her six-year-old [...]

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Breaking the Handcuffs on Texas Children By Texas State Rep. Helen Giddings Imagine a child as young as six years old arrested for disrupting class. It seems like an unlikely scenario, but it is happening in Texas classrooms and these are not just for extreme, violent circumstances. Most arrests are for non-violent disorderly conduct offenses. [...]

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As TTAPR called it, when schools started adopting a zero tolerarance, hands off policy  to handle typical school age behavior the end result would be an unacceptable increase in reliance on police and school resource officers. Nationwide, suspension and expulsion rates are at crisis levels. The most recent data from the National Center on Education [...]

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TTAPR on February 9th, 2011

Some ridiculous “Zero Tolerance” incidents where young people are being criminalized for ordinary childish behavior. Schools can suspend and put kids in jail for a toy soldier or spitball, but teachers cannot use restraint to defend themselves or others from real harm.  1. Ninth grader Andrew Mikel at Spotsylvania High School in Virginia,was expelled for [...]

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Thousands of teachers in the UK fear chaos in the classroom if the Government goes ahead with plans to give them powers to restrain and search unruly pupils without proper training.  Four out of five teachers surveyed by the Teacher Support Network warn that extra training is essential if they are to get a grip [...]

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Underreacting Has  Liability  Too urors have awarded a former Gloucester High School student $5 million for permanent injuries he suffered in a 2006 lunchtime fight. The jury on Friday also awarded Gregory Gagnon interest dating back to the fight, which could increases the award by $1 million. In awarding the damages, the jury determined that [...]

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Parents Fight over best way to handle 4-year-olds-trouble makers in Nursery School By J. DAVID GOODMAN AND ANDY NEWMAN New York Times The school year for Old First Nursery School in Park Slope, Brooklyn, wraps up on Friday. And for some parents, it will not be a moment too soon. At this, one of the [...]

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