TTAPR on July 25th, 2013

employer’s workers’ compensation insurance. Although this is the general rule, there are many exceptions — situations in which you may be able to sue for damages caused by your injuries. For example: If you were injured by a defective product, you might be able to bring a products liability action against the manufacturer of the [...]

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TTAPR on February 6th, 2013

Violent Groups Of Teens Leave NYC Businesses In Ruins After OCFS/ACS Agree to Release Youth Closer to Home Violent, thieving mobs have hit New York City.  This is happening the same time OCFS is downsizing their facilities, and shipping NYC youth closer to home. In 2001 there were 2,229 youth admitted to 19 juvenile facilities [...]

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Four inmates at the Brookwood Secure Facility allegedly attackeda staff member, one of four such facilities in the state under investigation for regular attacks on staff. The attack occurred on Friday night during movie time when Luis Camacho, a youth division aide officer, was attacked from behind, knocked to the ground and repeatedly pummeled with chairs, [...]

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In the wake of a brutal gang assault by residents on a worker at the Brookwood Secure Center in Columbia County, CSEA is amping up its call for better safety measures to protect staff at youth detention centers run by the state Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS). “This is further evidence that the [...]

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7th Circuit ruled that A special education teacher cannot sue her school district in Federal Court for injuries suffered while trying to block an autistic child from hitting her with a chair. W.K. began second grade at White Eagle Elementary in 2005. Diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, the 7-year-old had a history of verbal outbursts and [...]

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A STAGGERING 1,500 pupils were suspended from schools in Coventry and Warwickshire in just 12 months for attacking, threatening or swearing at their teachers. Shocking new figures for the year beginning September 2009 were released by school support staff union the GMB – which is now calling for teachers and other staff to be taught special [...]

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Two weeks ago, Dr. Alex Sahba, a psychiatrist at Metropolitan State Hospital, was attacked by a patient who rammed the legs of a metal chair into his body, leaving him bruised, bloody and limping. But that was a minor incident compared to one a year and a half earlier. Sahba was talking to a psychiatric [...]

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40% of employees in California emergency rooms said they had been physically assaulted on the job in the previous year The patient was drunk, naked and covered in blood when he burst out of his emergency room cubicle around 2 a.m., brandishing scissors. He lunged at two nurses and began chasing them. It took two [...]

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A 15-year-old court-committed juvenile female  attacked a nurse with a pen. The 56-year old nurse was stabbed in both legs and in the forehead, then kicked in the stomach and face several times. Suffering stab wounds and two chipped teeth. Links to story provided courtesy of Jason Miller:  Girl, 15, accused of assault at Tryon–15–accused-of-assault-at-Tryon.html [...]

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A prision guard who was sacked after a jailbreak during which he was held hostage will lodge an unfair dismissal claim against the government, saying it was to blame for inadequate training in an overcrowded and antiquated youth jail. Translation: The facility created a dangerous situation. Joseph Fagan, now 72, was fired after a report found [...]

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