The United States has been rethinking its juvenile justice system since the late 1990s. As a result, the national youth incarceration rate has dropped dramatically in almost every state over the last 15 years — except in West Virginia. While the US has cut its juvenile incarceration rate by half, West Virginia’s rate is 42 percent higher than the rest of the [...]

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TTAPR on March 14th, 2014

One night last month, six of the 20 residents at the Lorrie Yeager Jr. Juvenile Center in Parkersburg went on a rampage. They took control of a commons area, forcing correctional officers to retreat and protect residents who were not part of the riot. The unruly offenders broke windows and furniture, damaged the heating and [...]

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A violent fight leaves 3 juveniles battered and a substitute school principal punched in the face… And it all happened inside a local middle school. Beckley Police said on May 21st they were called to stop a fight in progress at Beckley-Stratton Middle School Police said 3 female students who are a part of a [...]

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The videos of girls and boys kicking, punching and pulling hair has become a popular trend on sites like YouTube. Most videos show the fights happening in school hallways. Whether fights are real or staged, either way they have become a trend. When “high school fight” is searched on YouTube, a drop-down menu provides at [...]

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All students at a McDowell County high school are getting an extended weekend following a pair of altercations. County schools Superintendent Jim Brown says Mount View High School will remain closed until Monday. Media outlets report one fight involved two male students Wednesday at Mount View’s parking lot. After the students were taken to the [...]

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