Why having police handling every altercation may not be the best option. HWC training could have handled with without pepper spray or a slam down. Another teen arrested is a boy who can be seen manhandled by the police and slammed to the ground. The girl Dante Gillie claims she was the one attacked and [...]

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TTAPR on March 18th, 2015

Schools who at first were very reluctant and slow to recognize school security issues. Two or three years ago, (schools) didn’t even want police to stop in at buildings. Now school police being armed with military equipment. Classroom doors are being “bearacaded” and still teachers, school staff and students all over the US are being [...]

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The girl Dante Gillie claims she was the one attacked and her brother was trying to help break it up but says the cops grabbed her and slammed her on the concrete with her faced mashed in the pavement. http://www.memphisrap.com/…/caught-on-video-wooddale-high-…/

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The court-appointed guardian of a 16-year-old Washburn School student has filed a $30 million dollar lawsuit against more than a dozen parties. The case, filed last month by the victim’s court-appointed guardian, Katherine Parks, said the then 15-year-old was brutally attacked by four classmates, leaving her with injuries to the face and head, it said. [...]

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TTAPR on October 24th, 2014

A Metro high school student is accused of threatening to kill a teacher with a knife. Diamond Hodges, 18, is charged with aggravated assault and possession of a weapon at school. According to court documents, the teacher said Hodges was mad that she prevented her from looking up inappropriate media in the school library.

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Toledo News Now, Breaking News, Weather, Sports, Toledo Sisters Jericah and Jayla Holloway are beat up and bruised. “I dislocated my shoulder,” Jericah said. All because of a fight on their school bus Monday afternoon as they headed home from Cordova High School. Things got heated when Jericah and a 15-year-old boy exchanged words. “He [...]

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TTAPR on May 1st, 2014

A fight on a Shelby County Schools bus has parents concerned about why the fight was allowed to continue. It happened Monday on a bus driving students home from Cordova High School. Two girls were injured and now, two parents are fighting mad. Video posted to Instagram shows the fight happen between two sisters and [...]

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A Franklin County High School student was taken from the school and placed in police custody on Wednesday afternoon after making threats and admitting to bringing a weapon to school. Dakota Micheal Vaughan, 18, of 2349 Vernon Ridge Road, Belvidere, is now being charged with assault and possession of a weapon on school property. According [...]

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One Shelby County board member is speaking out after the repeated violence and weapon confiscation in Shelby County schools. Shelby County School Board Member Kevin Woods admits “We do understand there are elements in our community that will find it’s way in schools.” Since the first week of the school year, repeated incidents of students [...]

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A new video surfaced in the stabbing of students near Raleigh-Egypt High School. The video shows Valerie Potts in the fight. Potts is the woman charged with two counts of aggravated assault after stabbing Sim’s daughter in the back. She came over and picked up the knife and stabbed my baby right in her back,” [...]

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