A couple of Chickasha High School students are in hot water, after an administrator was struck in the face trying to break up their bathroom brawl yesterday. The fight broke out before the school day could even begin. The vice principal didn’t hesitate to step in but ended up catching one of the swings to [...]

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Joseph Skinner, 12, told his mother that before school Tuesday another student jumped on top of him and hit him several times before someone came and stopped the fight. Joseph’s mother, Danielle Davis, took her son to the family pediatrician, but the injuries to his eye were more severe than initially suspected. Joseph was taken [...]

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A fight at Millwood High School involving a substitute teacher and a student is under investigation. The student, Mikaylia Jackson, claims the substitute teacher slapped and punched her in the face. But the sub said it was the student who hit her. Now, both are planning to press charges. Jackson was suspended from school for [...]

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TULSA, Oklahoma – Tulsa Public School students returned to class after a long holiday break Monday, but two Will Rogers High School students may be sitting out a little longer. A fight between two female students at the Tulsa high school sent one of them to a local hospital. EMSA says it responded around 10 a.m. [...]

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OKLAHOMA CITY — The mother of a 13-year-old girl who was attacked on an Oklahoma City School bus Monday afternoon said she will never let her daughter go back to John Marshall High School again. “I had to take my daughter to the ER and was there till after midnight,” said Carrie Holeman. “The district [...]

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Father Finds Daughter Being Beaten On Bus OKLAHOMA CITY — A fight broke out on an Oklahoma City Public School bus Monday afternoon, and a parent jumped on board to break it up, a witness told Eyewitness News 5. Oklahoma City police and school district officials are conducting investigations to find out exactly what happened [...]

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TTAPR on September 15th, 2010

At what age does a schoolyard scuffle shift to criminal assault and battery? A case in Edmond, Oklahoma presents an interesting question after a fight among two 10 year-old boys has led to a charge of assault and battery. The two boys were practicing football and had an altercation. Eyewitnesses say that after practice was [...]

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