TTAPR on October 7th, 2014

If you passed J.H. Rose High School Wednesday afternoon, you may have noticed an abundance of EMS and police cars. They were there to treat a number of students who had inhaled pepper spray that was used to break up a fight. At J.H. Rose High School, a fight between two 16-years-old males broke out [...]

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TTAPR on April 19th, 2012

It’s not the first time we’ve seen this. A nine year old boy won’t be at school in the morning. He was suspended for fighting back against a bully. The school said there’s a no fighting policy so they’re both being punished. There’s a visible mark on third grader Nathan Pemberton’s cheek and eye after [...]

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A 9Wants To Know Investigation into YouTube videos of Thornton High School students fighting hit harder than expected Monday after 9News uncovered similar fighting clips from Cherry Creek, Douglas County, Jefferson County, and Denver Public Schools. Many of the videos appear to have been recorded on cell phones and uploaded to YouTube under the real [...]

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Colorado Springs police announced the arrest of a second suspect in a Friday afternoon fight, gun seizure and lockdown at Wasson High School. Police said the additional suspect is a female student whose name is not being released because she’s a juvenile. She faces similar charges to those filed against William Cummins, 21. He’s accused [...]

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Autistic Student Escape from Bus Safety Restraint Raises Questions: Who should have assumed responsibility for the child’s behavior and why did this child end up in handcuffs. Story: The Johnsons’ son, the oldest of their three, is 9 years old and is diagnosed with autism. He was on the school bus returning home. He is [...]

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Police in the Denver suburb of Lakewood have arrested a 10-year-old boy accused of shooting classmates with a BB gun. Police spokesman Steve Davis says the fourth-grader at Stein Elementary School is suspected of shooting at least six classmates while a teacher wasn’t looking Monday morning. No serious injuries were reported. The Denver Post reports [...]

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A Colorado Grand Jury Found that there is no criminality connected with the use of prone restraint even when the restraint was used incorrectly. It’s interesting the same attorney general went in front of the Grand Jury and said that the use of force used was proportional and reasonable and that staff did not breach [...]

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When Aidan’s in a good mood, the eight-year-old is personable, friendly, a charmer. But when he’s not, he’s capable of terrifying any adult, including professionals trained in dealing with unruly children. That’s the conclusion of Lakewood Police spokesman Steve Davis, who praises officers for defusing a dangerous situation by pepper-spraying Aidan. Although Davis can’t talk [...]

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Bill 11-049 banning prone restraint was postponed indefinitely 8-5. Colorado could not get enough votes in the House Committee on Health and Environment to move forward to the full House. Vermont and New Hampshire are also states that voted down legislation banning prone restraint. Chalk another win up to the United States Constitution the 5th and [...]

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TTAPR on March 4th, 2011

Required by a measure enacted by the Colorado legislature in 2000, yearly SARs released by the Colorado Department of Education provide parents and the public with school-specific information on student achievement, safety, staff, funding, and other issues. In 2005, the state’s largest school district, Jefferson County R-1, reported no “assaults/fights”–down from 640 incidents in 2004. [...]

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