Suspension reversed for Santa Rosa High student beaten who was suspended for defending herself. The video shows Kanihan defending herself against one of the girls before both of them began pounding on her with their fists. A crowd of students looked on. The school’s assistant principal, Danielle Valente, responded in part by suspending Kanihan for [...]

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District officials have reversed the suspension of a Santa Rosa High School junior who was beaten by two other girls in a video-recorded fight that sparked a lawsuit, her parents said Tuesday. Alia Kanihan, 16, was assaulted in May by two Analy High School girls who came on campus to settle a dispute over a [...]

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TTAPR on October 28th, 2014

The recorded fight took place Friday, Oct. 17, which video shows several students beating up another student in an on-campus fight. Another video obtained by KHTS AM-1220 and SCVTV shows students provoking each other with threats and making plans “to throw hands,” but not “in front of administration,” which appears to take place shortly before [...]

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Two West Covina High School students got into a fight at lunchtime on Tuesday, prompting school officials to request police assistance. “There was a fistfight during lunch between two students,” Principal Marc Trovatore said. “Security, administration (intervened) just like any other fight.” The students were both male ninth-graders

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A school touted just weeks ago by the San Diego Unified School District is now described by some as an atmosphere of fear and fights. In the past two weeks, two separate incidents at Lincoln High School have led to arrests on campus, and one may have involved a butcher knife. “They’re actually happening every [...]

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A Taco Bell restaurant in Antioch has started closing its dining room in the afternoons after managers say it has become a magnet for high school students after class, and fights have been breaking out. “At school you get suspended or something for that, and if you’re not at school you go to the plaza [...]

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Nearly two dozen police officers were dispatched to Bear Creek High School on Thursday afternoon to stop a large fight on campus, authorities said. According to authorities, two 18-year-olds and a 21-year-old entered the campus in the 10000 block of North Thornton Road about 1:20 p.m. and started a fight with one of the students. [...]

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A bullying incident at a local high school caught on video has captured national attention. On Wednesday, Jan. 8, Etiwanda High School freshman Kobe Nelson and a classmate had a violent confrontation between classes. School officials intervened and suspended both students. Upon his return home, Kobe, 14, protested his innocence: “‘Look Dad, I didn’t do [...]

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Southern California school officials say a high school security guard suffered a heart attack and died after he helped break up a fight between two students. Djuan “DJ” Kelly complained of shortness of breath and chest pain before collapsing Monday near the campus of Victor Valley High School in San Bernardino County. Paramedics treated the [...]

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