Suspension reversed for Santa Rosa High student beaten who was suspended for defending herself. The video shows Kanihan defending herself against one of the girls before both of them began pounding on her with their fists. A crowd of students looked on. The school’s assistant principal, Danielle Valente, responded in part by suspending Kanihan for [...]

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District officials have reversed the suspension of a Santa Rosa High School junior who was beaten by two other girls in a video-recorded fight that sparked a lawsuit, her parents said Tuesday. Alia Kanihan, 16, was assaulted in May by two Analy High School girls who came on campus to settle a dispute over a [...]

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What officials say v. what Staff say. Teacher, district spar over fight at Spring High School The Spring School District is recommending the school board fire a technology teacher at Spring High School after an incident Thursday involving the teacher and a student, but the teacher has his own version of the events and claims [...]

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Toledo News Now, Breaking News, Weather, Sports, Toledo Sisters Jericah and Jayla Holloway are beat up and bruised. “I dislocated my shoulder,” Jericah said. All because of a fight on their school bus Monday afternoon as they headed home from Cordova High School. Things got heated when Jericah and a 15-year-old boy exchanged words. “He [...]

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Mrs Maguire (61) was weeks away from retiring when she was killed during a Spanish class on Monday. Mrs Maguire’s killing has highlighted the risks inner city teachers in the UK take every day dealing with threats of violence in the classroom. Her death is thought to be the first time a teacher has been [...]

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A TEACHER who was sacked for misconduct including putting a student in a headlock after the youth punched him said the NSW education system left teachers “powerless to discipline kids”. Science and agriculture teacher Stephen Krix was fired from Riverstone High School when he fought back against a year-10 student who refused to work and [...]

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A new video surfaced in the stabbing of students near Raleigh-Egypt High School. The video shows Valerie Potts in the fight. Potts is the woman charged with two counts of aggravated assault after stabbing Sim’s daughter in the back. She came over and picked up the knife and stabbed my baby right in her back,” [...]

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TTAPR on July 25th, 2013

employer’s workers’ compensation insurance. Although this is the general rule, there are many exceptions — situations in which you may be able to sue for damages caused by your injuries. For example: If you were injured by a defective product, you might be able to bring a products liability action against the manufacturer of the [...]

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Answer from free law advice: Though your question doesn’t state it outright, I’m going to assume that you were injured on the job, on school property. If that’s the case, then first, you can receive Workers Compensation since you were injured while on the job. In addition, if you want to, you *may* be able [...]

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The Michigan Supreme Court overturned a 2001 decision and loosened the standard for people who want to file some civil lawsuits. The decision gives teachers the standing to take legal action, which had been denied to them in Michigan. In a 4-3 ruling, justices said Lansing teachers had a right to sue the school district [...]

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