Cell phone video taken on an Anniston school bus has people buzzing. A fight broke out between a boy and a girl. She gets the upper hand. But, the bus driver does nothing. A glance in the mirror and she just keeps driving. A warrant has been issued for the driver’s arrest, but it is [...]

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A TEACHER who was sacked for misconduct including putting a student in a headlock after the youth punched him said the NSW education system left teachers “powerless to discipline kids”. Science and agriculture teacher Stephen Krix was fired from Riverstone High School when he fought back against a year-10 student who refused to work and [...]

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As of Sept. 1, Oregon’s legislation alleges that it will be illegal for a school in Oregon to have a seclusion cell aka room on campus, but one Portland school is says the rule doesn’t apply to them and is adding an isolation room. The room has been put in at Cherry Park Elementary School [...]

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A student is arrested for an aggravated assault on a teacher. Teacher, Eric Zigler received a one-inch cut to the head after 18-year-old Christian Estes threw a chair at him at Woodland Hills Youth Development Center. According to reports. Zigler had just asked Estes to have a seat at his desk when the student replied, [...]

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Oregon high schools’ on-time graduation rate remains mired at 68 percent for the class of 2012, the same as the year before, when Oregon ranked fourth worst in the nation. Oregon schools chief Rob Saxton said he was disappointed by the stubbornly low rate, and then, like most spineless state administrators failed to accept any [...]

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Kentucky Superintendents, Kentucky School Board Association (KSBA) and Kentucky School Districts are highly critical of Kentucky’s proposed restraint and seclusion regulation that still has to pass the legislative review committee. In the words of the KSBA (whose 170-district membership opposed Kentucky’s DOE’s proposed rule): “The primary goal of all local public schools and districts across [...]

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Another Maine school is voicing serious concerns about Maine’s newly enacted restraint policy. Falmouth Board Member  Chris Murry said he  has concerns about Maine’s new restraint regulations and the higher threshold they establish before school staff can restrain or seclude a student in an emergency. He also called the documentation requirements under the state policy [...]

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AASA just issued a second report entitled How Seclusion and Restraint Protects Students and School Personnel.  AASA’s report was written to denounce proposed Senate bill S.2020 which would bar the use of seclusion and disallow the use of restraint as part of a student’s treatment plan. AASA’s report supports keeping rules regarding the treatment and [...]

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An updated –  and stricter – state rule governing the methods school staff may use to physically restrain students who may pose a risk to themselves or others will go into effect July 1. SAD 44’s special education consultant, Marcye Gray, worries that the new restrictions could result in scenarios in which classrooms might routinely [...]

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The department of education recently put out a Summary of Seclusion and Restraint Statutes, Regulations, Policies and guidance by State and Territory. As we receive tips and go through and double check the summary and information in this report, we will update this post.  Report errors: 1. Ohio.  The DOE erroneously reports that Ohio has banned [...]

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