All the state departments already know that most (if not all of) the CRIPA investigations initiated by DOJ’s Civil Rights Department are shams instigated for political purposes and more often than not have no connection with any real Constitutional violations. In the case of New York’s Division for Youth now operated under NYS’ Office of [...]

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The Following is a verbatum copy of the letter from former OCFS employee Ed Ausborn. This letter is a response to a letter from B. Baccaglini to the times union about a new program called BLUE SKIES ( Placing NYC youth in their home for treatment instead of Upstate Facilities ). Juveniles Deserve Better I [...]

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Psychiatrist Curt Sturos tends to troubled kids in southern Oregon.  Oregon has a very restrictive behavior intervention practices which limits the tools practitioners have to  manage behavioral problems. According to doctors in Oregon, the state lacks options beyond drugs to treat severely troubled Thus the question is whose fault is it that children are being [...]

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The New York Times continued on Friday its important, but distressing, series of articles on the maltreatment of the developmentally disabled in New York State and the lack of oversight of their care in the state’s group homes. Friday’s article focused on the misuse of antipsychotic medication to restrain residents’ behavior, instead of treating their [...]

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Former OCFS employees are all firmly united in their claims that the root cause of the surge in violence can be traced back to the moment Gladys Carrion assumed the reigns of the OCFS. Many cited a marked increase in gang violence at state facilities as testament to the failure of the administration’s policies. Carrion [...]

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Local and state officials say they are working to address residents’ concerns about safety and a frequent police presence in what had been a quiet neighborhood. The focus of the concerns is a home for abused and neglected teenage boys run by a contractor for the state Department of Children and Families. Town board of [...]

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Troopers charged four residents of the Lincoln Hall School with misdemeanor assault in the beating of a fifth student at the Route 202 school for troubled boys. The victim was taken to the Westchester Medical Center in Valhalla for treatment of a concussion, contusions and other minor injuries after the assault Thursday, state police said [...]

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TTAPR on June 12th, 2011

A riot involving 30 students broke out at Lincoln Hall Friday, injuring two employees and leading to five arrests in the most recent of several violent confrontations at the residential center for troubled boys. Rocks were thrown, shattering windows, and several employees were injured as they tried to quell fights that broke out between the [...]

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The New York State Police, Somers NY report the arrest of a 13 year old juvenile delinquent from Lincoln Hall for assaulting a State Trooper and menacing a female employee. On June 4, 2011, at around 6:00 PM a motorist passing the Lincoln Hall School for Boys, Route 202, Somers, NY observed 3 youths climbing [...]

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TTAPR on April 12th, 2011

Four teenagers are in custody for allegedly plotting to hurt staff members at Gateway-Longview School in Williamsville. Gateway-President and CEO James Sampson says a staff member made an alarming discovery while conducting a random check of a residents laundry. According to Sampson the note outlined a plot to hurt staff members. Because the discovery was [...]

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