The UK is finally showing some sense. A writer asks: WHAT is the point of NHS restraint guidelines that say “no prone restraint” only to call the police and ask them to do it? Exactly. NHS/UK should either ban prone restraint entirely and put everyone’s safety in jeopardy or allow everyone to legally protect themselves [...]

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In a new, broad-based study of violently resisting suspects, a prominent researcher has found that restraint in the prone position produces no fatal adverse effects, even when TASER shocks, weight on the subject’s back, and hobbling are employed by officers to gain control. “No method of control or restraint used in the field produced a [...]

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The tactic of “proning out” and “hog-tying” a combative suspect has taken repeated bad raps over the years as a potential cause of arrest-related death. Yet rigorous scientific studies have failed to substantiate the technique’s alleged danger. Now add the findings of yet another research group to the controversy–findings that again seem to support prone [...]

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Kentucky Superintendents, Kentucky School Board Association (KSBA) and Kentucky School Districts are highly critical of Kentucky’s proposed restraint and seclusion regulation that still has to pass the legislative review committee. In the words of the KSBA (whose 170-district membership opposed Kentucky’s DOE’s proposed rule): “The primary goal of all local public schools and districts across [...]

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Police are looking for the attacker who injured a CAPA teacher in Pittsburgh on Thursday. Investigators said the attack on James Addlespurger, 50, in an alley off of Liberty Avenue on Thursday afternoon was captured by several surveillance cameras. The video shows Addlespurger walking by a group of teenagers when one of the teens abruptly [...]

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Psychiatrist Curt Sturos tends to troubled kids in southern Oregon.  Oregon has a very restrictive behavior intervention practices which limits the tools practitioners have to  manage behavioral problems. According to doctors in Oregon, the state lacks options beyond drugs to treat severely troubled Thus the question is whose fault is it that children are being [...]

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Destroying Myths & Discovering Cold Facts with The Force Science Research Center Editor’s Note: Our thanks to Chris Lawrence of the Ontario Police College and a member of the Force Science certification faculty for alerting us to the publication of this study. An exaggeration of the sudden in-custody death problem is generating “persecution and prosecution” [...]

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The school day was well under way when the fight between two boys broke out on the fourth floor of Overbrook High School: A 17-year-old walking to class was punched multiple times by a younger boy. At first, the unarmed school police officers who intervened didn’t think the incident was serious enough to summon city [...]

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TTAPR on November 14th, 2011

This fight was more savage than anything Brooklyn Harper had ever seen at Westlake High School. Two years ago Georgia Department of Education reduced the ability of teachers to maintain a safe environment. According to this article the total number of serious offenses rose in metro school district in direct correlation to DOE’s policy change. [...]

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A fight video has been released that sparked Flagler County schools to look into stun guns on campuses. A Flagler County deputy was taken down and punched several times by a high school student at Matanzas High School. Deputies used to carry stun guns on campus until an incident four years ago when a deputy [...]

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