In a new, broad-based study of violently resisting suspects, a prominent researcher has found that restraint in the prone position produces no fatal adverse effects, even when TASER shocks, weight on the subject’s back, and hobbling are employed by officers to gain control. “No method of control or restraint used in the field produced a [...]

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Destroying Myths & Discovering Cold Facts with The Force Science Research Center Editor’s Note: Our thanks to Chris Lawrence of the Ontario Police College and a member of the Force Science certification faculty for alerting us to the publication of this study. An exaggeration of the sudden in-custody death problem is generating “persecution and prosecution” [...]

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Pepper spray was used to break up a student fight at Blair Middle School on Monday, the second such incident in a week in the city. Two students got into a fight at Blair Middle School during lunch, and a school security guard used pepper spray to stop it, a Norfolk Public Schools news release [...]

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This JUST IN:  Colorado’s proposed Bill No. 11-049 was defeated. Colorado proposed Bill No. 11-049  is substantively invalid and violates the laws of Colorado and the United States. False impetus for the introduction of legislation We understand that the advocates and now the Colorado senate are using the recent death at one of Colorado’s Developmental [...]

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Experts agree that prone restraint of an agitated person cannot possibly lead to sudden death due to hypoxia. Due to the controversial nature of a sudden in custody restraint death, numerous case and retrospective studies, incident reports, and monographs have been published since the 1980s in order to bring awareness of the subject matter. While [...]

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