OCFS, which is the NY agency in charge of underage criminals released 2/3 of its court committed from upstate facilities back into their NYC communities i.e. Brooklyn. The day after Christmas 100s of teenagers storm a shopping center in flash mobs, disrupting commerce, closing business and terrorizing the 5-borough citizenry. Hundreds of teens trash mall [...]

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OCFS has been unsafe for some many years, it has forgotten how to protect its staff and the youth it cares for. OCFS has had these issues since 1985. One would think that with an almost 30 year learning curve, they would know what works and what doesn’t. Problems and violence abound at NYS/OCFS-run Brookwood [...]

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A 16-year-old resident of Brookwood Secure Center assaulted at least three different staff members at the juvenile detention facility over the course of 12 hours while detained there, State Police said. On Wednesday, troopers said they received multiple reports of staff assaults at the center. Charlie Rhinehart was later arrested and charged with second-degree assault, [...]

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A deadly “game” called “Knockout” is crossing the nation, in which they try to punch a randomly-selected person walking by on the street so hard with one blow that knocks them unconscious—but the results have sometime proven fatal. In the New York area in particular, there also seems to be an anti-Semitic motivation to some [...]

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TTAPR on November 7th, 2013

Marvin “Pic” Bryant, 65, was robbed twice Monday night before he was stabbed to death in the back by two knife-wielding teens, Syracuse Police Chief Frank Fowler said this morning. Bryant had gone to the corner of East Beard Avenue and Beard Place looking to buy drugs from Tony Comer, 19, at that corner. Comer [...]

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Just weeks after scathing reports about the abysmal failure of the Close to Home juvenile “reform” program diverting youthful offenders from state juvenile justice facilities to inadequate New York City based programs, the Cuomo administration is doubling down on bad policy and moving to close two more centers. Earlier this month Queens Family Court Judge [...]

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TTAPR on February 6th, 2013

Violent Groups Of Teens Leave NYC Businesses In Ruins After OCFS/ACS Agree to Release Youth Closer to Home Violent, thieving mobs have hit New York City.  This is happening the same time OCFS is downsizing their facilities, and shipping NYC youth closer to home. In 2001 there were 2,229 youth admitted to 19 juvenile facilities [...]

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Violence is on the rise in New York’s juvenile detention centers. The statistics and costs to staff and resident’s health and safety and to taxpayers are astounding. Records show that violent incidents have increased more than fivefold over the past five years. In 2007, 52 assaults were documented in the state’s four secure centers; the number [...]

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Current OCFS Commissioner Gladys Carrion had a mandate to reduce overtime costs at OCFS facilities. In 2010 she stated that the $12 million dollars in overtime, paid for by taxpayers in 2010 was ” staggering! I mean I think it’s staggering and I certainly don’t want to be the agency that has such a high [...]

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Four inmates at the Brookwood Secure Facility allegedly attackeda staff member, one of four such facilities in the state under investigation for regular attacks on staff. The attack occurred on Friday night during movie time when Luis Camacho, a youth division aide officer, was attacked from behind, knocked to the ground and repeatedly pummeled with chairs, [...]

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