Disabled students are being handed over to police for behavioral infractions — and handcuffs are just the beginning. Well, what we predicted would happen if the discipline, consequence and restraint free movement succeeded in stripping schools and teachers of their ability to maintain an educational environment is unfortunately coming to fruition.  As school budgets are cut, and [...]

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In November, 2008 the Department of Education for the State of Iowa enacted a regulation banning prone restraint at its schools despite being noticed that the regulation was illegal as it violated the 5th and 14th amendment of the Constitution, Supreme Court Rulings, Federal legislation as well as state self-defense laws. Further, Iowa DOE was [...]

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The National Disability Rights Network (NDRN) adopted the recommendation of its Legislative Committee for NDRN’s position on Senate Bill 3895, the new Senate version of legislation concerning restraint and seclusion in schools. The statement reads: “This legislation responds to a critical need identified by the P&As [Protection & Advocacy Systems] and NDRN for strong, consistent [...]

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