Revamped rules regarding the restraint and seclusion of public school students breezed through the Legislature’s Education Committee by a 12-1 vote Wednesday. The Legislature overhauled the Department of Education’s rules on restraint and seclusion last year after a year-long process during which a stakeholders’ group of parents and educators agreed on what teachers should and [...]

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Four education associations in Maine have asked state government to renew its focus on rule changes regarding the restraint and seclusion of students, claiming new rules have resulted in numerous injuries to teachers already this school year. In one case, an educational technician was scratched, bitten and thrown against a wall, according to a press [...]

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Maine School Superintendents Association, said the district has had thousands of dollars in property damage this year, and loss of instructional time for other students. Teachers say their students have become more fearful, because Maine’s rule does not allow them to maintain a safe and effective learning environment by managing out-of-control behaviors. In an elementary [...]

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On January 26, 2013, Senator Harkin announced his intentions to retire from the Senate after completing his fifth term in 2015. For many, this retirement cannot come soon enough. Senator Harkin is an example of a Senator who is completely out of touch with reality and the times. Case in point, he is responsible for [...]

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The state Legislature has voted to require group homes and other private facilities licensed by the state to take juvenile delinquents to assess workplace safety, record violent incidents and take preventive steps. The legislation follows the 2009 beating death of Renee Greco by two juveniles in Lockport, north of Buffalo. Greco, 24, had been supervising [...]

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Congressman Miller is proposing that for States to receive Federal Education money, they would be required to adhere to the Federal restraints in school bill H.R. 1381 which does not allow the use of restraint or seclusion to be included in a student’s IEP. This was a major point of contention and the reason why [...]

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Gov. Jerry Brown’s controversial plan to shut down California’s youth prison system came to a screeching halt Monday when he presented a revised budget proposal allowing counties to continue sending their violent youth offenders to state correctional institutions. Brown’s original proposal called for the elimination of the state’s Division of Juvenile Justice, requiring counties to house [...]

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Every year, Baltimore City asks: “Why?” Why is the homicide rate in this city so high? Why is there such rampant addiction to drugs? Why are so many kids growing up to be violent criminals? The answer may lie, in part, within the Baltimore City Juvenile Justice Center, whose most striking feature is its sheer [...]

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 The Report By National Disability Rights Network has seriously misrepresented the facts about restraint. Included with our comments is a copy of the publication: Attacking our Educators, Stopping School Violence  We would suggest that anyone interested in this subject purchase a copy of this book — available in electronic format for $5.  The book has 194 [...]

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The issue of the restraint use came to national attention through an investigative series published by the Hartford Courant in 1998.  As follow up to the Report, Congress, in 1999 requested its first GAO investigation into the use of restraint in Mental Health facilities.   After its first report in 1999 the GAO suggested that HCFA [...]

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