A generation ago, schoolchildren caught fighting in the corridors, sassing a teacher or skipping class might have ended up in detention. Today, there’s a good chance they will end up in police custody. Stephen Perry, now 18 years old, was trying to avoid a water balloon fight in 2013 when he was swept up by [...]

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A fight in a Kershaw high school bathroom left one student hospitalized with cuts to the face, another charged with attempted murder. According to officials, two male students got into a fight Thursday morning in the bathroom of Andrew Jackson High School. A 16-year-old student allegedly brought out a razor blade and cut an 18-year-old student. The victim was taken to the hospital [...]

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TTAPR on October 15th, 2014

One teen is dead and another has been charged with murder after a fight at the Brookhaven Youth Ranch, near West. The victim has been identified as 15-year-old Christian Cuellar. No details about the fight were given and the suspects name won’t be released because he is a minor. FULL STORY: A teen has died [...]

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Another breakout from Woodland Hills Youth Development Center. See Video at: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/teens-escape-from-tennessee-youth-detention-center-a-second-time/ Security upgrades at a troubled youth detention center in Nashville were not enough to prevent 13 teenagers from escaping Friday, the second major breakout from the facility this month. Tennessee Department of Children’s Services spokesman Rob Johnson said several teens overpowered a guard at [...]

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We are following a developing story at the Montgomery County Adolescent Center, known as the CAS center on Access Road. Sergeant Rick Mobeus of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office confirms two officers were hurt inside the facility after a group of juveniles tried to escape. It happened just before 7:30 Saturday night, when 8 juveniles [...]

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TTAPR on March 14th, 2014

One night last month, six of the 20 residents at the Lorrie Yeager Jr. Juvenile Center in Parkersburg went on a rampage. They took control of a commons area, forcing correctional officers to retreat and protect residents who were not part of the riot. The unruly offenders broke windows and furniture, damaged the heating and [...]

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A 12-year-old girl was arrested on Christmas Eve after a fight on a York school bus earlier this month left another 12-year-old girl with a head injury and swollen eye, according to a York Police report. The girl is charged with third-degree assault and battery and interfering with the operation of a school bus, according [...]

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OCFS, which is the NY agency in charge of underage criminals released 2/3 of its court committed from upstate facilities back into their NYC communities i.e. Brooklyn. The day after Christmas 100s of teenagers storm a shopping center in flash mobs, disrupting commerce, closing business and terrorizing the 5-borough citizenry. Hundreds of teens trash mall [...]

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OCFS has been unsafe for some many years, it has forgotten how to protect its staff and the youth it cares for. OCFS has had these issues since 1985. One would think that with an almost 30 year learning curve, they would know what works and what doesn’t. Problems and violence abound at NYS/OCFS-run Brookwood [...]

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A 16-year-old resident of Brookwood Secure Center assaulted at least three different staff members at the juvenile detention facility over the course of 12 hours while detained there, State Police said. On Wednesday, troopers said they received multiple reports of staff assaults at the center. Charlie Rhinehart was later arrested and charged with second-degree assault, [...]

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