The UK is finally showing some sense. A writer asks: WHAT is the point of NHS restraint guidelines that say “no prone restraint” only to call the police and ask them to do it? Exactly. NHS/UK should either ban prone restraint entirely and put everyone’s safety in jeopardy or allow everyone to legally protect themselves [...]

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Most members of the California workforce are aware that, when it comes to professions like firefighting or law enforcement, employees are required to accept significant violence and danger risk as a routine part of the job. However, a recent upsurge in state-wide hospital violence has brought the definition of “routine risk” as it pertains to [...]

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Two weeks ago, Dr. Alex Sahba, a psychiatrist at Metropolitan State Hospital, was attacked by a patient who rammed the legs of a metal chair into his body, leaving him bruised, bloody and limping. But that was a minor incident compared to one a year and a half earlier. Sahba was talking to a psychiatric [...]

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40% of employees in California emergency rooms said they had been physically assaulted on the job in the previous year The patient was drunk, naked and covered in blood when he burst out of his emergency room cubicle around 2 a.m., brandishing scissors. He lunged at two nurses and began chasing them. It took two [...]

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