Mayber there’s hope for DCFS. Getting rid of Arthur Bishop was the first good move this state did in ages. Lawmakers say DCFS faces ‘horrendous’ challenges Illinois lawmakers cite ‘horrendous’ challenges ahead for state’s child welfare agency. That’s because the heads of the agency are corrupt and incompetent. Contact us, we’ll tell you who. Two [...]

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The state of Washington will pay six people a total of $11 million to settle claims they suffered horrible abuse as children at the hands of their state-appointed guardians. Alexander Gonzalez, Michelle Harris, Elizabeth Tapia and Aurora Tapia filed suit against the state last year. Rebecca Miranda and Anthony Winton joined the suit later. They [...]

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Mind-altering drugs for kids as young three years old? It’s a national scandal that has hit home in Florida. Twelve percent of children in Florida who have been removed from their homes and are in state foster care are prescribed psychotropic drugs. According to a government accountability report, kids in foster care in Florida are [...]

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