All the state departments already know that most (if not all of) the CRIPA investigations initiated by DOJ’s Civil Rights Department are shams instigated for political purposes and more often than not have no connection with any real Constitutional violations. In the case of New York’s Division for Youth now operated under NYS’ Office of [...]

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The family of a Catholic University student who was gunned down in Petworth is suing the District for $20 million in a wrongful-death suit. The lawsuit, filed Thursday in federal court in D.C., alleges that the accused shooter was a juvenile criminal offender who was in the custody of the city’s Department of Youth Rehabilitation [...]

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Officer will need surgery to repair the broken bones in his face. Claims New Beginnings Correctional Facility is Unsafe. Sylvester Young had been a DC Correctional Officer for nearly 22 years without injury. His assignments included tours in the Oak Hill maximum prison for youth in Laurel, Maryland. More recently he was working midnights, patrolling [...]

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D.C. youth corrections officers were dispatched to Baltimore-Washington International Marshall Airport on Sunday afternoon to pick up a city teen who is facing assault charges and has a history of escaping from authorities. But they arrived 15 minutes late. By the time they got there, Brandon Sparrow, 18, had run, making quick work of the [...]

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Another D.C. teen in the District’s custody found dead in Prince George’s County late Friday.  The youth was a ward of the District’s Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services (aka DC’s Juvenile Justice). Michael Chamberlin, 17, was found dead Friday April 22, 2011. Chamberlin was a ward of the city’s juvenile-justice system, according to agency sources who talked [...]

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TTAPR on December 2nd, 2010

A 16-year-old boy in the care of the city’s juvenile-justice agency was fatally shot in Northwest Washington on Tuesday – part of a vicious spurt of youth crime and violence in the District this week. Prince Okorie was placed at a shelter licensed by the D.C. Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services (DYRS) on Nov. 9, [...]

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TTAPR on October 29th, 2010

Montgomery County police said a ward of the District’s juvenile justice agency was a suspect in the murder of an American University professor after searching the teen’s D.C. home. Deandrew Hamlin was taken into custody late Monday night after crashing accounting professor Sue Ann Marcum’s stolen Jeep Cherokee in D.C., police said. Marcum was found [...]

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Despite widely-heralded reforms of Washington, D.C.’s juvenile justice system, youth advocates recently decried the increase in District youths being locked up for low-level offenses, and alleged the youths were being subjected to substandard medical care and increased instances of isolation in the District’s overcrowded, understaffed secure facilities. At the same time, a District councilmember said [...]

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Source: 2 more D.C. wards slain By: Bill Myers Examiner Staff Writer August 13, 2010 Two more young men who were committed to the D.C.’s youth justice agency have joined the District’s grim roll call in separate homicides this week, The Washington Examiner has learned. David Hinson, 20, was shot dead Wednesday night in Capitol [...]

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Mayor Adrian Fenty fired the head of the city’s juvenile rehabilitation agency under mounting political pressure to make changes to a system that has seen five of its wards killed and nine others arrested on murder charges this year. Fenty announced Monday that Marc Schindler, interim director of the Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services, would [...]

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