The violence erupted in Bedford-Stuyvesant inside of the Institute for Community Living facility on Lewis Avenue at 11:15 p.m. when Markie Young, 23, allegedly stabbed Serena Matthews, 56, cops said. The two had been arguing when Young allegedly lashed out and attacked Matthews, authorities said. “I heard her scream. It was a deep, deep scream,” [...]

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All the state departments already know that most (if not all of) the CRIPA investigations initiated by DOJ’s Civil Rights Department are shams instigated for political purposes and more often than not have no connection with any real Constitutional violations. In the case of New York’s Division for Youth now operated under NYS’ Office of [...]

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TTAPR on January 12th, 2012

A 13-year-old autistic student is facing felony battery charges in Florida for allegedly hitting a middle school speech therapist in the head with headphones. According to the Pensacola News Journal, Conner Brown was charged on Jan. 2 for battery on a public or private education employee, considered a third-degree felony. He was scheduled to be [...]

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The New York Times continued on Friday its important, but distressing, series of articles on the maltreatment of the developmentally disabled in New York State and the lack of oversight of their care in the state’s group homes. Friday’s article focused on the misuse of antipsychotic medication to restrain residents’ behavior, instead of treating their [...]

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In November, 2008 the Department of Education for the State of Iowa enacted a regulation banning prone restraint at its schools despite being noticed that the regulation was illegal as it violated the 5th and 14th amendment of the Constitution, Supreme Court Rulings, Federal legislation as well as state self-defense laws. Further, Iowa DOE was [...]

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 A judge has dismissed the criminal case against a Chambersburg caretaker who allegedly sat on a man with Down syndrome until he died. Joseph Easton, 39, had been charged with involuntary manslaughter in the Sept. 9 death of Timothy Smith, 37. During a preliminary hearing this morning, Magisterial District Judge David Hawbaker decided there was [...]

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The National Disability Rights Network (NDRN) adopted the recommendation of its Legislative Committee for NDRN’s position on Senate Bill 3895, the new Senate version of legislation concerning restraint and seclusion in schools. The statement reads: “This legislation responds to a critical need identified by the P&As [Protection & Advocacy Systems] and NDRN for strong, consistent [...]

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In an article by the Des Moines Register about 3 schools being cited for using restraint on kids is interesting not so much for the article which contains the typical talking points, but for the comments. Here’s the story in a nutshell: Complaints about the overuse of “seclusion and restraint” prompted members of the Iowa [...]

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We are writing to express our concerns about the recently released DRNC report on seclusion and restraint.  Based on press releases and news articles, we believe that  DRNC is misusing its mandate as an advocate for the disabled to coerce, embarrass, harass and threaten schools, districts, personnel and teachers who are in compliance with the [...]

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