The number of assaults on staff has increased by more than 500 percent in just five years, from 52 in 2007 to 280 in 2012. Serious injuries sustained by staff members doubled between 2007 ad 2010. Source: NYS Commission of Correction, records through Dec. 14, 2012. Leave it to New York to prove itself seemingly [...]

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All the state departments already know that most (if not all of) the CRIPA investigations initiated by DOJ’s Civil Rights Department are shams instigated for political purposes and more often than not have no connection with any real Constitutional violations. In the case of New York’s Division for Youth now operated under NYS’ Office of [...]

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Four inmates at the Brookwood Secure Facility allegedly attackeda staff member, one of four such facilities in the state under investigation for regular attacks on staff. The attack occurred on Friday night during movie time when Luis Camacho, a youth division aide officer, was attacked from behind, knocked to the ground and repeatedly pummeled with chairs, [...]

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In the wake of a brutal gang assault by residents on a worker at the Brookwood Secure Center in Columbia County, CSEA is amping up its call for better safety measures to protect staff at youth detention centers run by the state Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS). “This is further evidence that the [...]

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TTAPR on December 20th, 2011

Generic, cookie-cutter, anti-bullying curriculums are an ineffective substitute for student-focused engagement strategies, U.S. officials say. The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, part of the U.S. Department of Justice, has issued a report in which bullying in schools is examined and recommendations are made for the best ways schools can provide support to bullying [...]

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The family of a Catholic University student who was gunned down in Petworth is suing the District for $20 million in a wrongful-death suit. The lawsuit, filed Thursday in federal court in D.C., alleges that the accused shooter was a juvenile criminal offender who was in the custody of the city’s Department of Youth Rehabilitation [...]

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Assaults have skyrocketed this year at the Prince George’s County youth detention facility where a 65-year-old teacher was raped and killed last February.A new report by the Juvenile Justice Monitoring Unit, the watchdog for Maryland’s youth facilities, says reports of assaults and suicidal behaviors are rising at the Cheltenham Youth Facility, which remains overcrowded and [...]

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In 2009 DOJ CRIPA division commenced an investigation into the conditions at 4 juvenile facilities. In August, 2009 DOJ released its findings regarding its investigation. In response to DOJ’s report the staff at OCFS as well as many NYS legislators voiced concerns that DOJ’s report and findings did not accurately reflect the true conditions at [...]


We recently received news that OCFS facilities that were once accredited by the ACA are no longer accredited. ACA accreditation is a pre-requisite for receiving Federal funding. At a price tag of over $200k per youth per year one would think NYS OCFS would take great pains to maintain its facility’s accreditation and access to [...]

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