TTAPR on September 30th, 2014

Footage captured on CCTV begins with over a dozen children, thought to be from Morgan Academy, jostling during their lunch break. One, appearing to be play-fighting, hits another pupil twice, while others push and shove nearby. The group suddenly sets off down the path, looking back nervously and about 10 seconds later a huge group [...]

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Teachers have been bitten, headbutted, jabbed, punched, kicked and slapped by primary school children – with some subjected to furious assaults. New data reveals details of attacks on Cambridgeshire teachers by pupils as young as 4. But teachers in the county – who have just announced strike action – say the truth about attacks in [...]

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A mother who got angry with her son’s kindergarten teacher has been accused of hitting her in the face, jerking her hair, and then ramming the teacher’s head against a filing cabinet. Kansas City police say the attack occurred Thursday afternoon after 24-year-old Simone Baker entered her son’s kindergarten classroom at Truman Elementary to talk [...]

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A Memphis teen who fatally stabbed his high school principal, then left her for dead in a pool of blood with horrific wounds, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder on Tuesday. Eduardo Marmolejo, 18, told Judge W. Mark Ward that he accepted a plea deal and a 35-year sentence without parole. He then apologized to the [...]

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According to the Oregon Department of Education, the Act “requires State Education Agencies to establish a school choice policy for students attending a persistently dangerous school as defined by the state.” The Act also requires that students “who becomes a victim of a violent criminal offense” be “allowed to attend a safe educational agency, including [...]

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Oregon high schools’ on-time graduation rate remains mired at 68 percent for the class of 2012, the same as the year before, when Oregon ranked fourth worst in the nation. Oregon schools chief Rob Saxton said he was disappointed by the stubbornly low rate, and then, like most spineless state administrators failed to accept any [...]

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Local school district officials in Maine discussed the implications brought about by a new state law that restricts the use of physical restraint and seclusion of students. It was the occasion of the first reading of School Administrative District 72?s policy on the “Use of Physical Restraint and Seclusion” at the school board’s meeting on June 20, [...]

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The department of education recently put out a Summary of Seclusion and Restraint Statutes, Regulations, Policies and guidance by State and Territory. As we receive tips and go through and double check the summary and information in this report, we will update this post.  Report errors: 1. Ohio.  The DOE erroneously reports that Ohio has banned [...]

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An honor student says she was attacked in her Bronx high school after sending Chancellor Joel Klein 25 e-mails over three months begging to be transferred away from bullies who were threatening her. Kimselle Castanos, 14, handed Klein a letter on Dec. 15 at a Brooklyn meeting pleading for a transfer after months of being [...]

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The school day was well under way when the fight between two boys broke out on the fourth floor of Overbrook High School: A 17-year-old walking to class was punched multiple times by a younger boy. At first, the unarmed school police officers who intervened didn’t think the incident was serious enough to summon city [...]

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