Teacher charged with child endangerment for failing to protect a disabled student from being bullied and beaten by 5 students. Police say the boy was knocked down by a volleyball thrown at his head last month at Parma Senior High School. One student then allegedly kicked the victim and another dragged him around by his [...]

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NHS is such a dysfunctional organization that really lacks common sense. The problem with NHS is that they are detached from the consequences of policies that anyone in the field can tell you are devoid of all sense of reality. The latest debacle being the ban on prone restraint. Instead of the ban promoting safety, [...]

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TTAPR on September 30th, 2014

Footage captured on CCTV begins with over a dozen children, thought to be from Morgan Academy, jostling during their lunch break. One, appearing to be play-fighting, hits another pupil twice, while others push and shove nearby. The group suddenly sets off down the path, looking back nervously and about 10 seconds later a huge group [...]

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The UK is finally showing some sense. A writer asks: WHAT is the point of NHS restraint guidelines that say “no prone restraint” only to call the police and ask them to do it? Exactly. NHS/UK should either ban prone restraint entirely and put everyone’s safety in jeopardy or allow everyone to legally protect themselves [...]

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Mrs Maguire (61) was weeks away from retiring when she was killed during a Spanish class on Monday. Mrs Maguire’s killing has highlighted the risks inner city teachers in the UK take every day dealing with threats of violence in the classroom. Her death is thought to be the first time a teacher has been [...]

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TTAPR on December 7th, 2013

For those that think things are better on the otherside of the fishpond. I’ve been there, it’s not better. America should stop emulating policies and processes that repeatedly fail. This is what happens when police, school and communities are made powerless. A PLAY park in Walcot will be torn down by Swindon Council after residents [...]

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Teachers have been bitten, headbutted, jabbed, punched, kicked and slapped by primary school children – with some subjected to furious assaults. New data reveals details of attacks on Cambridgeshire teachers by pupils as young as 4. But teachers in the county – who have just announced strike action – say the truth about attacks in [...]

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Teachers admit they struggle to control even the tiniest terrors, who display appalling classroom behaviour far beyond their years. Department for Education figures reveal 1,480 incidents last year when reception-class pupils were suspended for being out of control. There were 710 suspensions for attacking a teacher and 390 children were sent home for physically assaulting [...]

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Before America starts emulating the UK, let’s take a good look at the UK: First you have 2 moms fighting on facebook and then taking their fight to the kids school. Joanna McVey and Lorraine Couper brawled near Dunblane Primary School in Stirling after the dispute online. Stirling Sheriff Court heard the fight spilled on [...]

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TTAPR on January 19th, 2012

More than 100 prison staff have staged a walkout at Nottingham Prison in protest at a rise in the number of assaults against officers by inmates. The Prison Officers’ Association (POA) union said 10 members at HMP Nottingham had been attacked this month. Police are investigating five serious attacks. The POA is calling for tougher [...]

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