Psychiatrist Curt Sturos tends to troubled kids in southern Oregon.  Oregon has a very restrictive behavior intervention practices which limits the tools practitioners have to  manage behavioral problems. According to doctors in Oregon, the state lacks options beyond drugs to treat severely troubled Thus the question is whose fault is it that children are being [...]

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Only 25 percent of groups mentioned funds from Eli Lilly on Web sites, researchers find. Many health advocacy organizations rely on financial support from drug companies. But few disclose the extent of that funding or make information easily accessible, according to a new report published Thursday by researchers at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public [...]

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The New York Times continued on Friday its important, but distressing, series of articles on the maltreatment of the developmentally disabled in New York State and the lack of oversight of their care in the state’s group homes. Friday’s article focused on the misuse of antipsychotic medication to restrain residents’ behavior, instead of treating their [...]

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Further scrutiny of Florida’s juvenile justice system is underway following published reports that powerful anti-psychotic drugs were flowing freely into state jails for kids. The  juvenile justice department’s inspector general is focusing on whether department doctors are prescribing an “excessive amount” of mind-altering drugs to kids, whether the department can adequately track prescriptions, and whether [...]

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Question:  If Congress does not feel it is within the Federal Government’s purview to dictate Mental Health treatment and screenings, then how is it in their purview to dictate behavior management training (including restraint) which is being used for treatment and to preserve the safety of self and others.  The two bills (H.R. 1381 and [...]

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A jury will now decide whether a mother medically neglected her daughter when she refused to give her a psychotropic drug. The case against Maryanne Godboldo, accused by Child Protective Services of medically neglecting her teenage daughter, got under way Tuesday. The case in Wayne County juvenile court pits the girl’s parents against the state [...]

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Florida’s Department of Juvenile Justice has continued giving children antipsychotic pills despite a series of lawsuits filed against the drugs’ makers in the past three years. The cases sometimes accused drug companies of improperly pushing the pills on children. They resulted in the companies paying hundreds of millions of dollars in fines and settlements to [...]

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The state Attorney General’s Office is looking into whether doctors who have contracted with Florida’s Juvenile Justice Department committed Medicaid fraud while working for the state. Attorney General Pam Bondi’s office is contacting Juvenile Justice and other agencies to gather information, Bondi spokeswoman Jennifer Krell Davis said Tuesday. She stressed that the effort has just [...]

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Florida has plied children in state juvenile jails with heavy doses of powerful antipsychotic medications. The pills, widely viewed as the “big guns” of psychiatry, can cause suicidal thoughts and other dangerous side effects. Yet, in state-run jails and residential programs, antipsychotics were among the top drugs bought for kids – and they routinely were [...]

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An investigative report found that New Orleans juvenile detention centers are giving the kids potent antipsychotics four times as often as the conditions for which they were designed to treat, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, actually show up in the inmate population. People inside the system say the jails are dosing the kids because it’s easier [...]

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