TTAPR on June 5th, 2013

Every state has a law on protecting a person’s right to act in defense of self and others.  The constitution has 3 amendments dedicated to this right, the 2nd, 5th and 14th amendments. In contrast to the foundations upon which this country was built, schools, through i.e. zero tolerance policies and/or the subrogation of the rights of the individual/student are punishing [...]

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A landmark $800,000 jury award to a Michigan teenager who was sexually harassed for years by schoolmates. The landmark case Patterson v. Hudson Area Schools (E.D. MI 2012, and 6th Cir. 2008) sends a message to school districts that taking ineffective action is akin to taking no action. Ruling that the school has a duty [...]

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With fists flying on campuses and cellphones catching all the action, teachers face a growing dilemma. Do they intervene in fights and risk their own safety or catch criticism when videos show them hanging back and waiting for assistance? Nowhere is that playing out more dramatically than at Yolo High School, a continuation school in [...]

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A Colorado Grand Jury Found that there is no criminality connected with the use of prone restraint even when the restraint was used incorrectly. It’s interesting the same attorney general went in front of the Grand Jury and said that the use of force used was proportional and reasonable and that staff did not breach [...]

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According to insider reports, in the past 2 months at OCFS’ Goshen Secure center there have been the following violent incidents: Incident A doctor was threatened by an inmate/resident.  The doctor’s family was threatened by this same inmate/resident The doctor filed reports about the threats, but OCFS took no action and imposed NO consequences on [...]

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The question is: does this woman deserve to be (a) beaten, or (b) protected. What if this happened in a school rather than a McDonalds? The McDonald’s employee made a 1/2 hearted attempt to break up the beating, but the assailants were not having any of it and did nothing while the woman had a seizure [...]

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TTAPR on April 7th, 2011

In 2006 OCFS changed its use of force policy. This video demonstrates the results  of this policy. As can be seen by the video, not only is staff in danger, the youths themselves are in danger as well. This is what happens when youth do not respect staff and staff are not given tools to [...]

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Bill 11-049 banning prone restraint was postponed indefinitely 8-5. Colorado could not get enough votes in the House Committee on Health and Environment to move forward to the full House. Vermont and New Hampshire are also states that voted down legislation banning prone restraint. Chalk another win up to the United States Constitution the 5th and [...]

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 A judge has dismissed the criminal case against a Chambersburg caretaker who allegedly sat on a man with Down syndrome until he died. Joseph Easton, 39, had been charged with involuntary manslaughter in the Sept. 9 death of Timothy Smith, 37. During a preliminary hearing this morning, Magisterial District Judge David Hawbaker decided there was [...]

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