Police arrested a students who pulled out a weapon during a fight at John Marshall High School Friday, according to Richmond Police. Two students got into a fight inside the school around 6:14 a.m. Friday. At least one of the students was waiting to take the bus from John Marshall to another school. After the [...]

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We showed several Baldwin County school board members disturbing You Tube footage of fights between students at a board meeting in Robertsdale Thursday night. In one of the videos- a female student brutally attacks another girl and beats her until she falls to the ground. Fellow students cheer on the brawl and laugh at the [...]

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Schoolyard bullying turned violent this week at Hauppauge Middle School when a seventh grade boy was seriously injured during a bathroom brawl. Principal Maryann Fletcher said that the incident originally came through as an accident, but after further investigation, the administration discovered that it was not. The victim of the assault suffered a concussion and [...]

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The heated, profanity laced argument between the two sophomore girls broke out in the cafeteria and escalated into a brawl. The entire incident, from argument to brawl, goes on for about four minutes. In the end it was another student who stepped in to break up the fight, not an administrator or school employee. In [...]

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In an interesting article out of Florida is bringing to the forefront a situation that is striving to balance one student’s right to live in peace against the first amendment right of others to post a video of something that happened in a public place. Vanessa Chauvin a 14 year old student out of Clearwater, [...]

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The violence erupted in Bedford-Stuyvesant inside of the Institute for Community Living facility on Lewis Avenue at 11:15 p.m. when Markie Young, 23, allegedly stabbed Serena Matthews, 56, cops said. The two had been arguing when Young allegedly lashed out and attacked Matthews, authorities said. “I heard her scream. It was a deep, deep scream,” [...]

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TTAPR on February 20th, 2013

Minneapolis Police were called to South High School to break up a large fight that ended with at least five people being taken to the hospital. According to police, the incident began with a food fight, and then escalated from a handful of student to an estimated 300 students. On campus police and school staff [...]

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A 14-year-old middle school student in Wilkinsburg who was reportedly going to face charges after video of a fight in a boy’s bathroom is now wanted. The victim, a 13-year-old boy, was bullied by the other boy for a few weeks and is seen in the video being kicked and punched and showing no resistance. [...]

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TTAPR on February 20th, 2013

A simple facebook or you tube search finds hundreds (or more) student fights. While there are a ton of sites devoted to the negatives of social media, one of the positives is the evidence these posted video recounts are providing for law enforcement and the courts. A cell phone video posted on a student’s Facebook [...]

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TTAPR on February 20th, 2013

Students at Timber Creek High School in Orange County found out Friday just how close their school could have come to a Columbine-type shooting. It all unfolded after a concerned parent saw suspicious posts on Facebook and called deputies. Investigators said a 15-and 16-year-old at the school had a list of targeted classmates, and a [...]

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