An updated –  and stricter – state rule governing the methods school staff may use to physically restrain students who may pose a risk to themselves or others will go into effect July 1. SAD 44’s special education consultant, Marcye Gray, worries that the new restrictions could result in scenarios in which classrooms might routinely [...]

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On June 28, 2012 at approximately 11:12 pm a state police patrol from the Troop K Livingston barracks observed a white van weaving on State Route 23 in the town of Claverack. The patrol activated the emergency lights and siren and attempted to stop the vehicle. The operator of the van accelerated and continued  on [...]

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TTAPR on June 29th, 2012

A large high school graduation party turned violent when a fight broke out, leaving one male teen shot, three men stabbed and another male teen wounded after being struck by an unknown object. Several officers arrived and began dispersing the large crowd when they found a 17-year-old boy with a gunshot wound to the leg, [...]

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TTAPR on June 29th, 2012

14 shootings in June in Queens South precincts as violent youth groups grow. Maybe Mayor Bloomberg should focus on keeping kids hands off of guns rather than soft-drinks.  The safety Guilliani gave the city, Bloomberg taketh away. Queens is plagued by dangerous street crews and it’s going to take an “army” to clamp down on [...]

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So it turns out that the juvenile delinquent whose “stop-and-frisk” pistol-possession conviction was mindlessly overturned by an appeals court this week doesn’t just like to carry guns — he likes to shoot them, at people, too. And he was free to do just that because New York’s criminal-justice system fails to deal forcefully with aspiring homicidal [...]

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A Brooklyn teen is reportedly brain dead after being shot Wednesday night—one day after he graduated middle school. The 14-year-old victim has been identified as Akeal Christopher by the Post; he was walking home from a party with his cousin and six other friends in Bushwick just before 11 p.m. They were approached by two other [...]

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Ashake Banks said she opened a candy stand on the street of her North Austin block two weeks ago to keep kids close to their homes and maybe away from gang crossfire. Late Wednesday night, Banks’ 7-year-old daughter Heaven Sutton was sitting next to Banks as she sold snacks and snow cones when someone opened [...]

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14-year-old Brooklyn teen Kardin Ulysse was left blind in one eye after a brutal assault by bullies. The encounter involved the thugs shouting anti-gay slurs in the cafeteria of Roy H. Mann Junior High School in Bergen Beach. In response to the attack, Pierre, the boy’s father said: Pierre said: “The doctor says he needs [...]

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A violent fight leaves 3 juveniles battered and a substitute school principal punched in the face… And it all happened inside a local middle school. Beckley Police said on May 21st they were called to stop a fight in progress at Beckley-Stratton Middle School Police said 3 female students who are a part of a [...]

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A third-grader at a Bronx elementary school brought a knife to a fist fight. CBS reports that the child, whose named is being withheld, was arrested Tuesday following accusations that he slashed a 9-year-old with a double-edged razor blade during a lunchtime altercation. The incident occurred at P.S. 132 in the Morrisania section of the [...]

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