A Brooklyn school’s botched handling of a 5-year-old autistic student’s tantrum ended disastrously — with his mom and grandma in handcuffs and his great-grandmother’s rib broken, the family and their lawyers charge. New York City Schools have a strict hands off policy for teachers.  So rather than schools handling the behavior, law enforcement is called [...]

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TTAPR on April 19th, 2012

It’s not the first time we’ve seen this. A nine year old boy won’t be at school in the morning. He was suspended for fighting back against a bully. The school said there’s a no fighting policy so they’re both being punished. There’s a visible mark on third grader Nathan Pemberton’s cheek and eye after [...]

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Almost two years ago the Georgia Department of Education revised its restraint policy and enacted a regulation that is illegal under Georgia’s self defense laws and Poses A Safety Threat to Teachers, School Staff, School Administrators, Special Education Clinicians, Students and Paraprofessionals. The result: Another 6 year old student handcuffed   The Georgia Department of Education does [...]

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Huntsville Hospital officials confirmed late Friday evening that a ninth grade student died after being shot inside Discovery Middle School. Todd Brown, 14, was shot in the ninth grade hallway on Friday afternoon. The alleged shooter is another ninth grader. He is in custody.Brown died at Huntsville Hospital. Earlier, Madison School officials were at the [...]

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Violence is on the rise at a handful of Maryland’s juvenile detention facilities. Staff members at the Victor Cullen Center used handcuffs to restrain youths nearly 200 times in 2011, up from 36 times in 2010. At Cheltenham Youth Facility, riots and other “group disturbances” took place 65 times in 2011, up from a dozen [...]

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