TTAPR on May 28th, 2011

Did Cibola High School staff know a brawl was planned between two girls? A brawl that landed one girl in the hospital and the other in jail. Both sides also played the blame game Friday as the girl who was arrested went in front of a judge. But the back story both sides are telling [...]

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High school students in Queens got the scare of a lifetime Friday when a classmate brandished a realistic-looking toy Uzi and promised to “start shooting.” A 15-year-old freshman has been charged with criminal possession of a weapon after he flashed the fake gun in English class at Flushing High School and promised to take revenge [...]

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Students were involved in an altercation yesterday at ALC Central that resulted in one student being injured, said Joe Donzelli, a spokesman with the Lee County Public Schools. When the incident started, school staff were immediately on hand, Donzelli said.  The police report indicates that a call came in at approximately 2:20 p.m. on Wednesday [...]

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Three teachers and a sheriff’s deputy were treated for minor injuries suffered in breaking up a student brawl at a Houston-area high school. The fight broke out Thursday after lunch as students switched classes at Clear Brook High School in Friendswood, about 20 miles southeast of Houston. Clear Creek school district spokeswoman Janice Scott says [...]

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Georgia staff predicted that there would be increased violence when their intervention practices were changed.  Most of the violent reports never get to the newspapers.  Even this report where an outside SWAT team was called to quell a disturbance is very cryptic. State juvenile justice officials say a SWAT team was called in to put [...]

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TTAPR on May 26th, 2011

A robbery attempt turned violent when a 16-year-old Benedictine High School student was shot in the chest by a robber Monday morning.  Now Cleveland Police say two arrests have been made Sophomore Jackrell Russell was approached by the suspect who, according to a report in the ‘Cleveland Plain Dealer’, demanded the boy’s cell phone and school issued [...]

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TTAPR on May 26th, 2011

A 6-year-old boy brought a loaded gun to Gibbs Elementary School on Wednesday, a day after he and his siblings told school officials their dad was involved in a shooting. Capt. David Kurzinsky, who heads the police department’s patrol division, confirmed that Officer Scott Reese and Sgt. Kenneth Brown confiscated a loaded Ruger P95 9mm [...]

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A San Pedro High School shooting today has put the campus and Dana Middle School on lockdown. The San Pedro High School shooting was initially reported by police as happening on campus. But police now tell news that is not the case. The shooter is still at large, the schools remain on lockdown, and streets [...]

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TTAPR on May 25th, 2011

Channel 4 Action News reported school board members will be looking into and possibly changing the way students at Blairsville High School are disciplined as a result of the fights, captured on cellphone cameras.   The fights involved a school board member’s daughter and the superintendent’s son.  One video shows a student attacked and repeatedly punched. [...]

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A Tryon Residential Center nurse who was attacked, stabbed and beaten a week ago by a naked, unruly 15-year-old female inmate today told her story of how she was placed in a setting where regular youth division aides would have been on duty. Cheryl Huxhold, a 56-year-old Tryon nurse from Fultonville, said the girl was [...]

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