According to insider reports, in the past 2 months at OCFS’ Goshen Secure center there have been the following violent incidents: Incident A doctor was threatened by an inmate/resident.  The doctor’s family was threatened by this same inmate/resident The doctor filed reports about the threats, but OCFS took no action and imposed NO consequences on [...]

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The question is: does this woman deserve to be (a) beaten, or (b) protected. What if this happened in a school rather than a McDonalds? The McDonald’s employee made a 1/2 hearted attempt to break up the beating, but the assailants were not having any of it and did nothing while the woman had a seizure [...]

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More than a third of foster children in Georgia are prescribed psychotropic drugs — medications like antidepressants and mood stabilizers. Because so many foster children are using the drugs, a new review aims to provide better oversight over their usage. The review is expected to reduce prescriptions of expensive psychotropic drugs within the foster care [...]

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Another D.C. teen in the District’s custody found dead in Prince George’s County late Friday.  The youth was a ward of the District’s Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services (aka DC’s Juvenile Justice). Michael Chamberlin, 17, was found dead Friday April 22, 2011. Chamberlin was a ward of the city’s juvenile-justice system, according to agency sources who talked [...]

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In 2009 Federal Agencies were asked in a Freedom of Information Act Request to produce their statistics on the number of restraint and seclusion fatalities annually for the past decade.  The Federal Agencies that were asked to produce these statistics were: SAMHSA TJC CMS NASMHPD and FDA In response to the FOIA, the requester was [...]

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More questions are being raised about the safety and security of a juvenile detention center in Maryland that houses young people from the District. Authorities say a 17-year-old escaped from the New Beginnings Youth Development Center in Laurel Monday morning after attacking a guard and then stealing his vehicle. “I mean if it’s possible for [...]

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Breaking the Handcuffs on Texas Children By Texas State Rep. Helen Giddings Imagine a child as young as six years old arrested for disrupting class. It seems like an unlikely scenario, but it is happening in Texas classrooms and these are not just for extreme, violent circumstances. Most arrests are for non-violent disorderly conduct offenses. [...]

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This story is a bit off topic, but it goes to show that how inane the obsession with regulation to make everything perfect and risk free for everyone. You ban prone restraint, you get more police intervention. School Districts Need to Stop Treating Students Like Criminals  You ban prone restraint you get an increased use of patented medical products [...]

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In 2009 DOJ CRIPA division commenced an investigation into the conditions at 4 juvenile facilities. In August, 2009 DOJ released its findings regarding its investigation. In response to DOJ’s report the staff at OCFS as well as many NYS legislators voiced concerns that DOJ’s report and findings did not accurately reflect the true conditions at [...]


We recently received news that OCFS facilities that were once accredited by the ACA are no longer accredited. ACA accreditation is a pre-requisite for receiving Federal funding. At a price tag of over $200k per youth per year one would think NYS OCFS would take great pains to maintain its facility’s accreditation and access to [...]

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